Take your TiVo wherever you go.


TivoPod is a TiVo "extractor", which pulls down content from your TiVo, converts it to an iPod-compatible format, and produces a video podcast from the result. You can then subscribe to this podcast in iTunes, and have your iPod automatically synchronized with the contents of your TiVo.

Obtaining TivoPod

TivoPod is free software, available under the provisions of the MIT (X11) License. It can be obtained from the TivoPod SourceForge project site at:


The download area (from which the software can be obtained directly) is at:


To review changes in this (and previous) releases, review the Change Log. The running task list, which provides a "live" status of implemented and planned changes, is available at:


Getting Started

The binary distribution of TivoPod is provided preinstalled in a standalone Jetty Servlet container. This is distributed in zip and gzipped tar archives for deployment on the following supported platforms:

TivoPod requires an installation of Sun's Java Runtime Environment version 5.0 or higher. While TivoPod is largely a Java-based solution, there are bundled native components that are built specifically for the platforms listed above.

To install the application, simply expand the .zip or .tgz archive (preserving directory structure); TivoPod is ready be started. The simplest way to do this is to run "java -jar start.jar" in the TivoPod root directory. Likewise, executing "java -jar stop.jar" will stop the container. On the Windows platform, double-clicking the .jar files should launch them as well.

After the application has been started, you can access the administration page by pointing your web browser at:


(assuming TivoPod is running on the local machine). There are several settings that can be configured, but the most important are:

Tivo Address The IP address or host name of your TiVo. If one or more TiVos can be detected on the local network, they will be listed; you can either select one or specify a value.
Media Access Key The key used to access and decrypt files from your TiVo. This is the same key used with TiVo's "TiVoToGo" service.

Troubleshooting/More Information

If you have a question that is not addressed in this document, visit the TivoPod Group at:


You can also post a message directly to the mailing list at:


Technical Resources

TiVo Connect Automatic Machine Discovery Protocol Specification
TiVo Home Media Option: Music and Photos Server Protocol Specification